Why child specialists insist on soft play? 7 reasons that explain the importance of soft play

July 31, 2018




  1. Soft play toys induce their senses: As babies learn all things through their senses at the age between 0-2 (sensory motor stage) the soft play options can help them expand the horizons.
  • Soft play as the name suggests are soft in texture and it helps kids to feel the delicate toy without much effort.
  • The multi colored soft toys are a visual treat for the curious eyes. It opens the world of colours to small children.
  • Babies always have the tendency to chew whatever they get and taste it like a pro. The children’s play equipment manufacturers use non-toxic materials that are safe for the sensitive skin.
  1. It helps in cognitive development
  • The soft play toys offer both structured and free play. Thus kids are encouraged to use their imagination and intellect at the same time. The soft building blocks can be used as the tools to create a unique world of their own.


  1. Soft toys offer a harmless play time
  • Kids have highly sensitive skin and it easily gets hurt by normal toys that are made up of hard materials. The soft toys have the delicate texture that is similar to the children’s skin.
  1. Encourages physical, social and emotional growth
  • The soft play toys engage the baby in a creative way. The soft play areas help kids to socialize and to be active. It encourages movement and stimulates kids to have fun in climbing,jumping running and sliding thus encourages physical fitness.


  1. Multiple play options

At soft play centres they offer not just one but multiple levels of activities that excite children. The activity list goes on endlessly with ball pools, slides, rope bridges, climbing wall, crawl tubes net climbers etc.

  1. Improves skills

Play is actually children’s exercise in disguise. Active and exploratory play advances their loco motor skills and also improves their attention and concentration. Physical play with many other kids helps them in learning the first lessons of co-operation and coordination.

  1. Break from the virtual world

New age kids are always curious about the virtual world. With the soft play areas and soft toys we can get them back to reality. Children get to see and experience the fun of real play and happiness of togetherness. There would be many more life lessons that they acquire during play just as in their class room.





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