Indoor v/s outdoor which is more suitable for play –Debate

May 25, 2018



Parents and caretakers often have a confusion in choosing the right play space for the kids. Some prefer open air outdoor spaces and others choose indoors as a safer play option. Here John and Catherine are having a discussion about the matter. Let’s see which is the best…

Catherine for Indoors: “I prefer indoors, primarily because, it gives me a notion of security when compared to the outdoors. I was an only kid and I used to play with other kids from neighbouring houses, in our indoor play area. Parents were also much more relaxed, to see us playing happily in there.”

John for outdoors: “Whoa…that sounds very odd for me. I like playing in the mud and feeling the wetness of the sand!! I grew up playing regularly at the sea shore with ‘n’ number of kids… Ha-ha… it might sound quiet an exaggeration but I, grew up playing like a free bird”!!

Catherine: “Wow that’s great! I think you people were lucky enough, to have a responsible elder to watch over. In my case the primary reason behind the closed setting was safety issues. We were like too many kids in the 10 storeyed apartment and it wasn’t easy to monitor 50-60 kids running here and there.”

John: “Yes, we had elders who monitored; at times they too joined the fun. It was our right play in the outdoors after a long school time! Those are the golden moments which I love to remember from my childhood days”.

Catherine: “Yeah, really!!! Playing with too many kids is great. We had a non-stop play time in the apartment since the sudden climate changes didn’t affect our play”.

John: “Weather was always the villain!!Unexpected rains have ruined our play many times. We used to curse the hot summers since we had to stay at homes, in the peak hours of the day. Especially during holidays”!

Catherine: “Absolutely! As kids we didn’t want to miss a single play schedule. Indoor play area was a boon for us We had a family time in the play area because kids and elders were equally benefited. There was a mini café and fitness centre attached to the play area. Our parents could track us easily and it also had a separate kiddies play area for toddlers”.

John: “wow! That’s good. In our case we didn’t have such extras but we could bond with nature so well during the play times… The major influence in my choice of geology at the university was the passion for exploration that I gained through outdoor activities. I think most of my friends also share a special bond with nature”.

Catherine: “Sounds really cool!! I think as children we weren’t much worried about what to play and how to play…We just played and played to the fullest!!!! Whether it be indoors or outdoors kids have only one demand; a non-stop play time.”

John: I totally agree with that!!


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