November 26, 2018



The rapidly changing climate and uncontrollable pollution rate make the outdoors unfit for regular play especially in metropolitan cities. Parents are in search of safe and hygienic environments for their kids to have fun. Here comes the necessity of more secure and entertaining indoor soft play centres. Usually the soft play and indoor play setting is found in kindergartens and children’s crèches, now the trend is changing.

The new trend in the entertainment industry is family entertainment centres; where both parents and kids get a chance to have fun and spend a quality time with family. People opt for kid’s friendly party spaces, restaurants and shopping malls where they can take their children and get their business done at ease.

Why people like Soft play centres?

The soft play providers agree the fact that today’s parents think more about the quality of equipment and safety comes first in their priority list. The major concern in the indoor soft play development is to provide a secure, injury free playtime for kids. Soft play designers and play enthusiasts are on constant search for innovative play options and the new concepts appeal to our young minds than the usual play setting.

  • Soft play toys for softer safer playtime!!!

The indoor soft play manufacturers create the smoother surfaces and delicate play rides for children’s sensitive skin. Funriders soft play equipment are made from virgin polymer that is non-toxic and hygienic. The kids p[lay centre toys are exclusively made under hygienic conditions and the spongy surfaces would care those heavenly smiles on all times.

  • Ideal for all climates

Indoor soft play areas offer a healthier playtime at all climatic conditions. Since the outdoor weather does not spoil the fun inside kids can play without limits. Parents can also sit back as most of the indoor play areas have CCTV cameras and high security options to ensure safety.

  • Innovative games to bring in more fun

Interactive play events have great demand among children between the ages 5 and 12. The moving images and projected colours make them feel like a wonder land. The sensory play toys and creative play equipment engages children regardless of their abilities.

  • Fun for all

The trampolines and interactive arenas entertain everybody. The adults who accompany kids can also participate in the fun activities along with kids.

If you’re searching for an indoor playground manufacturer who offers all of the above said attractions, choose Funriders. Our play equipment are designed to:

  • Provide fun and encourage creative skills: Our soft playgrounds provide injury free play time for kids at a reasonable price.
  • We offer separate toddler play, kids play, interactive arenas and trampoline park zones that give children a chance to play and socialize with peers.
  • Fit for your budget. Our budget-friendly play options give priority to the customer’s choices.
  • Fit your play demands. As a full service play equipment manufacturer, we offer fully customized design!! Our in house designing team works with you and create the unique design that suits your ideas and budget.
  • Low Maintenance. Our indoor Soft Play equipment is designed to be low maintenance so you can peacefully engage in your business, we also provide one whole year warranty and maintenance service to give you ample peace of mind.



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